Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall has arrived!!

   I keep saying I'm going to catch up on the blog and it just never happens. I look at all that I've missed and it's just too overwhelming.... so, I've decided to just pick up where we are now and hopefully get around to writing one big summer post.
  It's Fall!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this time of year for so many reasons, and can't believe it's already here. We went to a pumpkin patch yesterday with some friends and had a blast. It was a small farm which was nice because it wasn't crowded and the kids were able to just get out and run, and they really enjoyed that. it was such a nice day that we decided to come home and spend the evening outside as well. All in all it was a wonderful fall day, the only thing missing was Derek... but not for long.... :D

going to pick pumpkins

where can I get a wagon like this??

I let him out of the stroller and he took off

he liked playing the drums on the giant pumpkins

they ran and ran and ran

we had a few grumpy moments of course

pointing out which pumpkin he wanted

they had fun pulling Eli and the pumpkins around

our pumpkin is as big as him! 

he was trying to pick it up. lol

right after I snapped this he threw it on the ground and said "ball!!" 

these are going to make really good pies :) 

we came home and painted the little pumpkins

i'm pretty sure he tasted the paint... (don't worry, it's non-toxic)

I grilled hotdogs for dinner

gang signs? 

the completed masterpieces 

then we made cookies for dessert

he ate his cookie and kept trying to steal hers

Here's a video of Sophia, the dancing artist.... sometimes i wish i could be inside her head.