Monday, June 6, 2011

Together Again

We just finished up our last weekend in GA. Derek was able to fly into town for the weekend and drive back to VA with me and the kids. We hadn't seen him in 6 weeks, so we were very excited!!! It was also nice to have the whole family (the Brown side) together in one place again. We don't get to do that very often with Derek's schedule, so when we do we try to get a family picture together. Of course all the men complain about us girls making such a fuss over what to wear, and where to take the picture, and how to sit..... but I know one day they will look back and be thankful that we have these pictures :) We took A LOT of them, but of course there are only a few of everyone looking in the right direction with their eyes open, lol. Here they are:

 We had so much fun on our trip and we will miss everyone over the next couple of months, but it sure is nice to be home  :)


  1. Beautiful family! I know how the scheduling can go with having a military hubs! I often do Daigle family events without my "Blood Daigle" because of his schedule. I'm glad he was able to join you before you had to head home.

  2. Thanks for taking family pictures, since Mimi and Pops stink at that! We loved having y'all visit and look forward to the time when we can see you again! Enjoy being back in Norfolk together again.

  3. loved the pictures! and i must say i personally think we did a fabulous job of color coordinating without being matchy matchy. those men need to be thankful that we make them look so good!