Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I'm behind on this blog so much... oh well, I'm busy, what can I say.
Easter was great this year! Of course we missed Derek terribly, but we were invited to a potluck with our church family which made our day. I had planned to just make a big lunch for me and the kids here and have an egg hunt in the back yard, so we were really excited to have other people to get together with. I decided to give the kids their Easter baskets and do the egg hunt on Saturday since we had to be at church early Sunday morning and then go to the potluck. So while they were taking naps Saturday afternoon I went and hid some eggs in the yard and set out the baskets. They were so excited when they woke up and had a blast looking for eggs.

So excited to get started 

Look Mommy!!!!

She was out of control excited!

They saw a couple of eggs that had fallen and were opened on the ground and they would say "oh that on hatched already!" and just leave it. lol

Eli watched from the wagon

I told them they could each have 3 eggs worth of candy, and
when I turned around Alyssa had scarfed down NINE eggs!!!!

He got some Jelly Beans 

blowing bubbles from their Easter basket 

These two have such a special bond. 

Testing out the new sidewalk chalk. I went inside with Eli for
a few minutes and when I came back out it looked like a
rainbow had thrown up in our backyard. They went crazy
coloring EVERYTHING!!!!

Sunday we decided to get up and make it to the early service since the second one is overly crowded on Easter. We made it there early, which is pretty amazing considering I'm usually running late to the second service. Then we went home and cooked some food to take to the potluck at Scotty's house. We had so much fun there with great friends, and the kids even got to do another egg hunt!

All the yummy food

The other Eli

Brand new baby Josiah 

Talking about man-stuff I'm assuming. 

She was in her own little world this day. 

"Feed me mom!!!"

Boys being boys

This kid is so awesome

hunting eggs

He looks like a Gerber baby

He seems so giant in this picture

Running makes her so happy

When we would ask him to smile he would
just make this face. 

It was a great Easter, and we're so thankful to have a church family to spend the holidays with when our families are so far away. 


  1. Mandy, what a beautiful post. your pictures are wonderful. I love the one of Scotty & Ben! Your girls in their matching dresses were precious on Sunday.

    and on a different note, your raised beds look wonderful. i'm super jealous!

    1. Thanks!! And don't be too jealous... we'll see if anything comes up. haha! Something already ate all but one pepper plant :(

  2. I love reading your blogs! You have such a beautiful family, Mandy. Thank you for sharing these special times :)

    1. Thanks Tiffany :) It makes me happy to know that people are reading. Hope to see you when we visit this summer at The Village!

  3. I could look at your pictures all day..i just want them to keep going:) I am hoping one day we will cross paths in GA and you can take some of us:)

  4. Love the Easter pictures and seeing how much fun y'all had! I am thankful you have the support of your church family too! They are wonderful... what a blessing! Love to all of you! <3

  5. Just popped over from Lori's blog, god bless your family during this time of deployment (and always). So glad you have plenty of people around to celebrate with; gorgeous pictures!