Friday, June 1, 2012

Garden (June)

Time for another garden update and we officially have veggies growing!!! I am so excited to see them getting bigger every day. Still waiting on the peas to sprout (they went in the ground kind of late) but everything else is thriving. The tomato plants are huge and the beans are starting to climb the trellis, which is really cool to see happen. Here are some pictures of all the progress:

squash plant

tiny squash

Cucumbers are climbing

tiny, tiny, cucumber


bell pepper

tomato plants

fried green tomatoes anyone? 


vines fascinate me

it's really neat to watch them coil around the trellis


I noticed a couple were growing too close together,
so I picked one of them. 

random flowers growing in the backyard

the girls planted some wildflower seeds and they are starting to bloom


  1. That is awesome. You should be so proud of yourself.

  2. WOW! You DO have a green thumb! Great job!

  3. You would love our grapes we have growing! The vines on that plant actually creep me out how quickly they wrap around things to stay up! I feel like if I touch the vine, it will twist around my finger/hair/hand/whatever is closest to it! I love that your garden is flourishing and producing so well!