Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Husband the Carpenter

One of the things I love most (there are many) about my husband, is his ability to build stuff. Like with his bare hands from a pile of wood, no bought plans, just drawn up out of his imagination kind of build. I explain roughly what I want and he will make it happen. This winter we quickly realized that four small hooks on the wall would not hold all of the jackets, scarves, purses and diaper bags for a family of six, so I decided we needed another coat rack of sorts. Of course I was fine just going to Wal-Mart and buying something simple, but my husband, the carpenter, immediately began to brainstorm ideas of something he could build for me. Now, usually I would roll my eyes and say "ok honey... when you can find the time between a military work schedule, four kids, a wife, and normal maintenance around the house, get started on that for me..." But I really wanted this piece of furniture he was describing to me, so I told him to go for it. It took him a few days of being outside in the shed, but it was well worth it. He built me a beautiful, sturdy piece of furniture that I am so proud to show off. And not only does it compete with stuff I've seen in Pottery Barn catalogs, it cost us a fraction of the price :)

I of course stalked him with my camera as he worked because I knew this was something I wanted to blog about. I plan on somehow turning this little old blog into a book for my family some day and I want my kids to remember how talented and resourceful their daddy is. So here are the pictures from beginning to end.

Brainstorming food

Playlist for the project
(yes, we are from the south and love
bluegrass. Here is a sample of  some
Old Crow Medicine Show) 

Pile of wood before he got started 

Ready for me to put the camera down
(He secretly loves it when I watch him work) 

Finishing touches

Working into the night

Before it was painted

Isn't it beautiful?

Needless to say, I am such a proud wife. I love all that my husband does for our family and just wanted to take the time to brag on him a little.

*Funny side story... I was listening to Old Crow while writing this blog and Sophia came running in and said "Hey! Is that a farm song??" lol, that's my girl :)


  1. MANDY!!!! This is gorgeous and exactly what I wanted to ask Weston to build. It's so funny because it was like I was reading my own blog:) Weston has been building me stuff and I am so proud I just have to brag;) I'm gonna go brag about y'all to Weston and hopefully get one of these myself!!!:)

  2. its gorgeous! think derek could come teach his brother in law how to be a carpenter as well?? i have a few projects in my mind myself ;)

  3. That is beautiful! Good job, Derek!

  4. That is beautiful! I wish I had a space for something like that! *and your husband to come build it for me!* My husband likes to get side-tracked...

  5. WOW! What a great piece of furniture and it's just what you needed... I'm proud of Derek as well!

  6. That looks fantastic! I agree! I'd love to have one for our house too! Great work Derek!