Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Eli and Sophia!

Oh my... my little baby Eli is ONE YEAR OLD!!!! I am pretty sure this has been the fastest year of my life. Especially considering that Eli actually turned one a month ago and I'm just now getting around to writing a blog about it. Derek was underway for Eli's actual birthday so we didn't celebrate until he was home, and even then, we just did a little cupcake and sang happy birthday to him since we were planning a joint party for him and Sophia in Georgia. He suddenly seems so big lately. Maybe it's because he's standing up more and taking steps (I think 8 steps in a row is his record so far) but he does seem really big, and he thinks he is so big too. He has discovered that although he can not walk, he can climb; and the kid climbs everything!! I am constantly having to stop him from going up the stairs and even caught him sitting on top of the girls table a couple of times, lol. For a while I could just set things in front of the stairs and keep him off of them, but now he has figured out how to move everything out of the way and squeeze past. He's such a happy boy, always smiling and even though he's a "mama's boy" he will let just about anybody hold him (as long as I'm out of sight). He doesn't say much, but he will copy anything you do. His check up isn't until April 9 so I don't have an exact weight for him, but according to my scale he is around 18 lbs, so he is finally putting on some weight!! He's sleeping through the night and has stopped waking up for that early morning nursing session, so he is officially weened. I am a little sad that our special cuddle time is gone, but happy to get a few extra hours of sleep in the morning. He has become attached to his receiving blankets that I used to swaddle him in. He likes to cuddle them when he is sleepy and suck his thumb, but it has to be those specific blankets, no other will do. In fact, he will throw it as far as possible if you try to give him another kind of blanket, lol. The kid knows what he likes.

2/8/11 & 2/8/12

Sophia also just had her 4th birthday! FOUR?!?!?! Really?? My sweet baby girl is growing up so fast! She is such a serious little girl, very matter of fact, but she also has this silly side to her that I just love. She is so much fun to be around and she say's the funniest things. My favorite thing she has said lately was last night at dinner. I was talking about how big she was and it made me feel old, and she said "Mommy, you're not old!!! Your new!!!" :)  She is technically in pre-school (at home) but she is already learning to read. I have a feeling reading is going to be one of her favorite things to do, she is always lost in her old little world of imagination.

This is her signature pose

While we were in Georgia we decided to go ahead and have a joint party for them since we don't get to see family very often, and they would rarely make it to a birthday party. Sophia is still having a party this weekend with her friends, but this was the "family party" I guess. Here are some pictures from the event.

Yummy food and cupcakes
thanks to Mimi and Aunt Lori

Kid's table

Daddy was telling her happy birthday

Comparing baby pictures of Derek to Eli

Aunt Lori and Uncle Greg

Abby told her parents she wanted a little brother
(I guess she forgot about the one she already has)

Sophia and her Pops

Me and the birthday girl

Bubbles are always a big hit at parties

The only kid I know that HAD to open the
card before the present. lol

Aunt Lori got her a Rapunzel doll and
a dress for her that matches

It's stuck!

Mimi and Pops got her an awesome
new baby stroller

And Gram-Gram got her a bike

Matthew and Shannon (Derek's cousins) were so
 thoughtful and brought little gifts for
Ansleigh and Alyssa too. 

Eli was cranky at this point so I only got one picture of him opening gifts

This is while we were singing "happy Birthday"


Then we had a silly string war!

Our big girl :)

Derek and Pops also made balloon animals
and hats

They all went to watch Sophia ride her bike down the street

Showing off her Rapunzel dress. 


  1. I loved this! you have such a beautiful family!! I love being able to celebrate the boys birthdays in GA too cause its usually just us;) I remember you and I talking "pregnancy" and now we both have one year olds...its amazing how time flies! Now its time to have another;)

    1. I know!! It's so crazy! You ready for another? I'm not sure I could handle it at the moment. lol

  2. Actually, no...;) Not quite!:) weston was ready the day Eli was born;), but I want to wait a little longer! And I know you have your hands full, too, with four little ones! Do y'all want more?

    1. At the moment? NO!!! But I won't rule it out in the future... we'll just have to see how things go. :)

  3. Of course, I LOVED this blog, and I LOVED being with y'all last week. It was so special to get to share in a birthday party for Sophia and Eli! I loved every moment spent with y'all and I am so thankful for all of my wonderful family!

  4. Hi Mandy,

    I found your blog through Rachel's blog. (Know her from church in GA). Your family is so adorable! I just wanted you to know that you are a very inspirational Mama! I love all the fun things you do with your girls. I can't wait until my kids are a bit older to try some of the fun! I think I want to make the butter/buttermilk soon! I'm know it can be overwhelming at times, but you show such love and creativity for your family! I'm not sure of the back story on the adoption of 2 of your girls, but I think it is such a picture of Christ's love. Look forward to following your blog! Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me. So glad you are following the blog :)

  5. i don't know how i missed this blog, but i just now saw it. loved it! miss you guys already!!