Monday, October 3, 2011

Catching up

  Last week was so busy! We had a lot of fun though. The weather here has finally cooled off and it's actually feeling  like fall, so we have been spending  a lot of time outside. Ben came over and all of the kids played in the yard.

Playing choo-choo-train

Ben decided he was going to
do the Army crawl as his part
of the train.


We all fall down!!

This kid loves being outside!

    We also took our weekly trip to the library for story time. We have the best preschool story time at the Oceanview library! They sing songs, read books, play with a parachute, and then do a craft every week.

He loves watching them sing and dance

Birds nests on their heads
(it went along with the story they read)

Standing all by himself!!

    We've been doing home pre-school, but this week was so crazy we didn't fit much in other than going to the library and doing a small science lesson. The girls all put potatoes in water and sat them by the window for a week and watched the roots grow, and then Daddy did a lesson on plants.

    Also, Eli is officially crawling!! He is getting into everything now! I'll write more in his monthly update blog (coming on the 8th) but here is a quick video of him crawling.


  1. Since we don't get to see y'all often, I LOVE these blogs where we get to see day-to-day happenings. Such cute pictures...definitely bring smiles to my day! Thanks for the video of Eli crawling! He's growing up way too fast!!

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  3. So jealous of your story time. Perhaps I should research ones around here. We do live in a big city, so I'm sure there is something.

  4. popping over from your s.i.l.'s to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!