Thursday, October 6, 2011


    So I decided to do home preschool with the girls starting this year. It's been a lot of fun so far and I can already tell they are learning so much, and they ask me all the time "when can we do school again?!?!" We only do it 3 days a week right now (formally) but I try to add in a lesson to almost everything we do. It keeps learning fun :) This week's art project was to trace their bodies on big sheets of paper. They thought this was the BEST. THING. EVER!! Once we traced their body I let them color their hair and draw their faces on (I helped Alyssa but the big girls did it all on their own). They even colored their fingernails like polish. We left the bodies blank and every week we will draw in an organ and learn all about it. This first week we did the heart; I drew it and they colored it in while I explained to them all about how the heart works and what it does for our bodies. I was really surprised at how much of the information they retained. Ansleigh has been telling everyone about her heart and what it does. It's so cute! Of course I took some pictures to share with you and here they are :)
Please excuse the fact that none of them are really dressed and
Alyssa doesn't even have pants on... we keep it pretty casual
around here :)

We hung them on the wall and will continue
to add organs to them as we learn.

Some of their other art work from the week


  1. This is so neat! It's amazing what their little minds can absorb and it's fun to see their excitement. Once again I say, you are a GREAT Mommy!!!

  2. So fun! We are doing 3 days too. Where'd you get that paper?

  3. I love the creative things you come up with Mandy! I can't wait to see the weekly progress on the body's organs! So PROUD of YOU! :)