Friday, January 13, 2012

Almond Butter

    Because my goal is to try and eat more natural foods this year, I've been baking our own bread and I had bought some natural peanut butter to go on the bread for the kids lunches (since that's what they eat pretty much every day). But then I realized, hey, I could make that too couldn't I? And why not mix it up a little and try some almond butter? I LOVE almonds and they are so good for you, so I looked up how to make it on Pinterest. It's pretty easy. Just roast some almonds and then mix them in a food processor (or Ninja, that's what I used).
   Here is the official recipe: 

1. Roast almonds at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. (I used 2 cups)

2. Throw them into the food processor and mix them up 

It's hard work folks

It will begin to look like this... kind of powdery. Keep going.

When it looks like this, it's still not done.... keep going.

Add some honey (to your liking) and keep going :)

Let cute kids help out and it will taste sweeter.... it's true. 

And just before your mixer blows up or catches fire, it should look something like this.

3. Find a container and put contents inside. I used an old peanut butter container and had Sophia make me a label (got that idea from another blog and thought it was super cute). 

And there ya have it! Almond butter!!

But before you can call it a success, you need to give it the ultimate test.... see if your kids approve!

Drum roll please....................... 

Three thumbs up!!! I think it's a keeper. I'm sure this will become a staple in our diet in no time. Now I just need to find a place to buy almonds in bulk (preferably organic) can anyone help me out with that? 


  1. Cosco has almonds! I love your blog and your sweet family. Your amazing!

    Adrian Bland

  2. looks yummy!!! i need to use my ninja! do you love it?!

    1. I do!! It works great! But don't over do it.. it started getting really hot by the end of this. lol

  3. I love this...that must have been some sweet almond butter with all those cute, sweet little helpers! Alice will be excited that you are using her Christmas gift!

  4. You have some great help! They will grow up to be just as smart as their mommy (and as pretty, too!)