Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eli's 11 Month Update

    These months are just flying by WAY. TOO. FAST! I simply can not believe my baby boy is going to turn one in just a few weeks!!! He's changing so much every day. This month he is standing unassisted for longer periods of time. If you distract him, he will stand there for a good 20-30 seconds. He's also got 4 new teeth on the top, which pretty much came in all at the same time. It really makes him look so much older. He's responding a lot more. He will now nod his head to pretty much any question you ask him (which can be really funny) and he will roar like a lion (his daddy taught him that one). He's still getting into anything and everything, and has figured out the cause and effect game, you know, the one where they drop everything off the side of their high chair or wherever they are sitting, look over the edge, and then back to you with the "pick it up now" expression on their face, and then cry when you don't get to it quick enough. It can be so annoying, but it is a good reminder that he is learning and becoming aware of his surroundings. He babbles a lot more these days, and will even say 'mama' and 'daddy'. He's still nursing in the mornings and takes a bottle in the afternoon, but other than that he is eating solids and even drinking some whole milk from a sippy cup (which he FINALLY caught on to this week). I expect he will start walking shortly after his first birthday, but we'll have to see. I guess I need to get on the ball planning his party....

Playing the cause and effect game

I want down but I don't know how!!!!

He needs another hair cut. The
mullet is coming back. 

His eyes are still not brown, but
they look a little more green now.


Still putting everything in his mouth

My big boy :)

He loves to fall back in your arms

And then hang upside down

You can see his new teeth here


  1. I agree... he's growing too fast! He looks so much older with all those teeth! Eli is such a happy little boy... I know he's been a blessing to you & Derek! <3

  2. miss that little boy! i can't believe he's almost a year old... so crazy how fast it has gone by! and i can't get over his eye color now... it looks so different! handsome little man.