Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Beach Day of the Season

We went to the beach on Tuesday with the Riley's and it was awesome!!! Perfect weather and the kids were great.... well, mostly. Eli was terrified at first and did NOT want to be put down in the sand. It was kind of funny how much he freaked out. He was squealing and clapping his hands while also crying. I think he was confused, lol. He was fine once we got everything set up though, and he even took a nap out there. It was the perfect day.... well, mostly. When we got back to the van the battery was dead. Turns out Ansleigh had turned her light on in the back seat on the way to the beach, and it was left on for 4 hours. Thankfully a guy came by who had a jump box and jumped us off.... I need to get one of those boxes!!! Anyway, enjoy the pictures! 


  1. I LOVE the girls bathing suits!!!!! I only wish your beach and my beach were closer!

  2. I loved all the pictures!!! :) Thanks for posting!