Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Florida Trip (week 1)

We made it to Florida!!! (on Friday) It was a pretty easy trip, we left at 5:30am and we were here by lunch. The weather is amazing! Mid 80s every day, just warm enough to enjoy the beach and pool, but not too hot. We haven't made it out to the beach yet. I'm a little nervous about taking Eli since he's so young, but Michelle has a tent we're going to set up for him to hang out in. Honestly it's more the thought of carrying all the necessary items out there and back..... can you say stressful?!? Anyway, the plan is to go out there on Friday. There is a shuttle launch, so we're going to watch it from the beach. It will be the 3rd launch I've seen here, so sad that they are shutting down the space center.

Michelle's neighbors have a pool so we've spent a lot of time over there swimming, and Sophia is doing so good! She was a little scared at first, but Michelle and Andrew helped her learn how to float with her floaties on, and kick her feet to move. By the end of the first day she was doing it all by herself. We went back today and I was thinking she might need some time to warm up to the idea of swimming alone again, but she was trying to get in without her floaties right away! She got back in and swam all the way out to the deep end and back about 100 times! I'm sure she will be sleeping well tonight, that's the best part about swimming!
Here are some pictures of her learning how. She was so proud and kept screaming "I'm a swimmer!!!!"

 And this picture is just too cute of her with all of the floats.

Eli didn't get in the pool, but I put him in his swim suit anyway. it was just too adorable not to :)

(excuse the poor picture quality, it was taken on my phone)

Sunday was Easter, so we went to church and then headed over to a potluck lunch with some of my sister's friends. It was a great service! And of course I got a picture of all the kids dressed in their Easter outfits. It's also the very first picture of all 4 of them together (since Eli was born)

It's been a great trip so far, I'll post more along the way.

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  1. Love the pictures!! I can't wait to swim with Sophia! She looks so cute with all her floaties.