Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GA Bound

So on Monday morning we got up early and took Eli to the doctor for his follow up (for having RSV) and to get his 2 month shots. His lungs sound clear and he seems much better, so they were able to give him the vaccines. He did pretty well getting them, he screamed while they did it, but was ok once I picked him up.

Then we went home to load up the car and head to GA! We finally got on the road around 9:30 am. I was so tired, but looking forward to the trip. I know I'm weird, but I love a good road trip. Even if it's just me and the kids.
{Here are Sophia and Eli all packed up and ready to go}

So off we go, Sophia has her movie on and Eli is fed, dry, and fast asleep; even Willie is happy in the front seat (yes, Willie made the trip with us) We made it about 3 hours before we had to stop for lunch. We decided to pack our lunch and have a picnic at a rest area to save some money since these gas prices are OUTRAGEOUS! Sophia thought it was so cool to have a picnic in the middle of our trip though. She even made friends with a couple and their black lab while we were there. She then informed me, with arms stretched out as far as they could go, that she now wants a "great BIG doggy mommy!!!" And I quickly informed her that we would not be getting a dog any time soon. It was such a nice day though, I really enjoyed taking a break to sit outside in the fresh air.
 {Here are a couple of pictures of the kids at our picnic}

After an hour break for lunch, we packed up and headed on our way to GA. They both fell asleep, so I had a few quiet hours on the road. I love that part of a long trip, where you just get in the zone and drive, it really clears my head. We finally made it to GA around 9 pm. So about 11 1/2 hours total, which isn't too bad compared to the drive I used to make between Waukegan, IL and Stockbridge, GA. Sophia was so happy to finally see her Mimi and Pops. We even went and had dinner with Lori and Greg last night, which was really exciting for Sophia. She loves her family so much!
{Mimi and Pops with the kids when they came to visit in February}

{at dinner with Lori and Greg}

We'll only be here until Friday and then we are headed to FL to visit my sister for a few weeks. I'm really excited to spend some time with her family, it's been a long time since the kids have all been together. Sophia is really looking forward to seeing her cousins.

{Sophia with her cousins, Micah and Isaiah, last time she saw them}

On a side note, Eli is 10 weeks old now! I can't believe it, he's already changed so much since he was born.  Here he is on his first morning at Mimi and Pops' house.


  1. Such a beautiful picture of Eli. I love it!

  2. Love all of those pictures!!! You have one beautiful daugher and handsome son! I love my quiet time in the car now :) New appreciation for it! Keep the posts coming!