Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dress Up With Mommy

    Today, while Eli was napping I had some "girl time" with Ansleigh, Sophia, and Alyssa. We fixed our hair, put on make up (just a little powder, blush and lip gloss for them) and we got all dressed up. They were really excited because I told them they could each pick out a pair of my high heels to wear. It seems like every time I turn around one of them is clunking through the house in them, so i thought this would be fun. Then we went out in the playroom and had a pretend "fancy" meal at their little table. It was a lot of fun just spending some time with them and talking. They have so much to say these days!! Then, of course, we played photo shoot so I would have some pictures to share with you all :)

Trying to get a picture of all 3 of them, Ansleigh
wasn't cooperating and Sophia got upset.

Then Ansleigh got a little too excited
and Alyssa got upset.

This was as good as i could get before
someone else got upset.

Had to join in the fun :)

Showing off our fabulous shoes

Showing off the whole ensemble


  1. Mandy this is adorable! I love your pictures!

  2. soooo cute! i spy your wedding shoes :)

  3. Just adorable! Love all the pictures and I'm glad you're in at least one this time! You are beautiful, as always! ~<3~

  4. They are SO cute! I'm your second cousin, and saw the link your mom posted on Facebook. (Doll's daughter)