Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally some nice weather!!

    It's finally cooling off here, and I am soooo ready for fall!! It's my favorite season :) Yesterday was a beautiful day! We went to the park with Ben and Sarah and then came home and let the girls play in the yard. Ansleigh got a princess castle (from some friends at church) for her birthday, so Derek is set it up in the yard along with the camping tent for them to play in. They had a blast!
    I borrowed Sarah's 55-200mm zoom lens to play around with, and used playtime as an opportunity to take some pictures with it. I'm in love with this lens, and it is definitely at the top of my wish list for camera equipment! Here are some of my favorite pictures:

They weren't allowed to get in until they finished their popsicles.

He LOVES to watch them play!

"Ansleigh, will you please not push the tent?"


Telling me that there were 3 tents... there were 2, lol

Derek turned the air compressor on and this is the face Eli made

Someone's sleepy..

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  1. Great pictures! I'm sure you had fun with the zoom lens! I love the "sleepy" princess... they are having so much fun together (minus when Ansleigh turns the castle over)... This is a lot for you and Derek to take on, but y'all are doing a wonderful job!