Monday, August 29, 2011

Ansleigh Turns 4!

    Today was Ansleigh's 4th birthday!! I can hardly believe it! I was there the day she was born, like actually there in the room watching it all go down, and I remember it like it was yesterday! It's so crazy how fast time flies, I've missed out on a lot over the past couple of years with her, but have really enjoyed getting to know her again. This girl has such a personality! It's been fun having her around because she's into all the girly things that Sophia wasn't into (until Ansleigh got here) like Barbies, baby dolls, playing dress up.... we've had a lot of fun with her over the past  month.
    She is so proud to be 4 years old now! She has been telling everyone all day that she is a "grown-up girl" it's so cute. We had her party today, and even though a lot of people couldn't make it because of the hurricane, we had a blast! When you have 4 kids in your house you don't really need to invite a lot of extra to have a party :) Here are some pictures from her birthday.

Haha! Trying to put her hat on

Ben, the only boy at the party (other than Eli)

Showing off their party hats

Waiting to play cornhole

She was obsessed with  Baby Jaelyn! 

My little man :)

She was pretty good at this!

Beautiful Ellie

We grilled hot dogs and had a picnic

Baby Jaelyn

Ansleigh got her own jumbo cupcake

She was so excited to have everyone sing to her!

Make a wish!!

Me and Derek with the birthday girl

Present time!

Opening her Barbie (for the second time, ha)

All of the kids... not cooperating


  1. I love all the pictures...Ansleigh looked like she had such a good time on her birthday! A house full of love and memories!! :)

  2. Ben had a blast thanks for inviting us!!!

  3. You did a fantastic job on the party and I loved the cupcakes! Ansleigh never looked happier... :)