Friday, August 5, 2011


    My younger sister's two girls have been here in VA with us this week It had been over a year since I (or Sophia) had seen them last, so it's been so fun getting to  know them all over again! Ansleigh is about to be 4 and Alyssa is 2 now. I just can't believe how much they have grown and learned since I saw them last. Sophia is just having a blast with these girls! She is used to having mostly boys to play with, and seeing her play "princess" with the girls has been fun for me too :)
    It's been a fun, crazy week! I've managed to get some pictures of a few things we've done, like playing dress up when Victoria came over, pretend picnics in the yard, and exploring with Daddy/ Uncle Derek. Here are the pictures from our week so far:
Alyssa (2 years old)

Ansleigh (turns 4 on the 29th)

Sophia playing blocks

They helped wash the car to get it ready to sell

Then they ran from Derek who sprayed them with the hose

This one will be great to show them when they're teenagers :)

Alyssa playing dress-up

Not sure why she was pouting, but it was too cute

Playing princess with Victoria

We always have to do a silly face picture :P
Checking out the garden spiders with Derek

There are about 6 of these things living in the garden area


Lunch outside


  1. The girls look happy and healthy! I wish I was there...

    xoxoxoxo gram-gram

  2. So glad yall are having fun! :) The girls all look beautiful, can't wait to meet them! And you are so talented with pictures Mandy!