Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Bertha

Ok, let me first start off by listing the good qualities about our new 17 year old van.
  • It only has 118K miles on it (pretty good for a '94)
  • The transmission was just completely rebuilt
  • A lot of other smaller things were done to the engine (meaning, I know there was stuff done, but I can't remember what my husband told me)
  • It seats 7 (with tons of room to spare, which is nice when traveling with 4 kids!)
  • We made $1400 by selling our Volvo and buying Big B (Also comes in handy when you are responsible for 4 children) 
Now, with that said...  I HATE this van!! lol.... but in all fairness, I knew I would hate it before we got it. It's more of a love/hate relationship. It's so big, it feels like I'm driving a motor-home more than a van. I have to say, she is pretty comfy though, and I know that anytime I need to be humbled, I can just glance out the window at Bertha, and she will put me in my place :) So here are the pictures everyone has been waiting to see.... and when you see me driving around in this thing, please feel free to point and laugh, I know it's funny!

Big Bertha

Had to get a photo taken with her

They are sooo excited that we can fit in one car now!

Derek driving around in his Lazy Boy (this thing is a living room on wheels)

There's E'erybody

Made a trip to Target and my cart was as big as my van!

The Bumper sticker we're considering  :)

In all seriousness though, we prayed a lot for a bigger vehicle, and for the means to take care of a couple of extra kids (for however long that may be) well, not only did the Lord provide a vehicle for us, we made a pretty big profit by selling our other car. He just knocked out two birds with one stone :)
God is good, all the time!!!


  1. I'm so proud to call you my sister and you can make anything look good, even big Ole Bertha!

  2. I agree with Michelle and I love your "Living-Room on Wheels"... drive safely!