Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Potty Training Alyssa

    Today is day two of officially potty training Alyssa. When she got here 10 days ago, she was showing all the signs that she was ready; so when we ran out of diapers for her, it was time. Yesterday went great! She had one accident in the morning (not long after I had switched her to big girl panties) and that was it. Every time after that she went in the potty AND she woke up dry from her 2 hour nap! Day two has been just as successful, she even pooped in the  potty today and no accidents so far... She hasn't started telling me when she has to go yet, so I just put her on there about every hour and a half and wait for it to happen. We sing songs, play pat-a-cake, and read books while we wait for her to go. I think she's really enjoying the one-on-one time too. Then, when she finally goes in the potty, the big girls (Ansleigh and Sophia) come in and we all clap for her. (She LOVES that part!) Today I decided to take some pictures while we were waiting and had exhausted every other form of entertainment. Here they are:

Not too thrilled to stop playing for potty time

Liquids, liquids, liquids!


Found something to play with

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Still waiting......

There is just no explanation for this other than, it was fun!! :)

"YAY   ALYSSA!!!!"


  1. This is so amazing! I love the pictures of her playing with the paper!

  2. That's such great news Mandy!!! You are such an amazing mother! My fav is the picture of her feet. So cute!!! <3 yall

  3. love these pictures! im glad to hear she is doing good with potty training! you are doing a great job!

  4. I Love this blog!
    The girls are so adorable and I can't believe you're getting Alyssa to "go in the potty"!
    You deserve a big marshmallow too!

    Seeing all the smiles, makes me smile :)