Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tea Party

    Princees Victoria came over today and the girls all had a dress-up tea party together. Michelle (my sister) had sent a new tea set for them last week and they've just been dying to try it out. So I got them all dressed up and we set up the little table in the kitchen. I let them use real tea and milk, so they were super excited. They ate animal crackers and drank tea while practicing their manners. It was so cute hearing them say please and thank you to each other. I even put on some classical piano to make things really fancy :)  And of course I took some pictures...

It helps if you stick out your tongue

Sophia decided it was yummy to dip the crackers in the tea, so of course they all had to give it a try.

Stella even got in on the action :)


  1. This is so precious!! And totally one of those moments you will remember forever :) I can totally see this being a picture on Sophia's wedding day while her and Derek have their dance. <3

  2. I love is SO sweet!! What memories you are making! And I have to admit, April's comment made me tear up! :)

  3. Sophia reminds me so much of you... right down to the tongue! They are all so adorable in their Princess Gowns and it sounds like you enjoyed it as much as they did! I can just hear them being so polite to each other.... You are an amazing young lady!

  4. Looks like fun! I'm not going to lie though, I was most excited to see the pictures of Stella! I didn't realize she'd found her way home, so I was happy to see her :)