Friday, August 19, 2011

A New Look for Vacation

    I took the girls (Ansleigh and Sophia) to get haircuts today. I've been meaning to get Sophia's done for a while now, she really needed to get some layers for all her curls, and Ansleigh wanted a new big girl look since she's turning 4 soon. My friend April recommended a girl in Virgina Beach and her hair always looks amazing so I totally trust her. The girls name is Adrienne Coventry and she is amazing! She has a home hair salon so she can stay home with her 3 young children. Her email is if you need a hairstylis in the area, I highly recommend her! :) Here are the pictures of the girl getting their hair done.

The "before" picture

Watching Ansleigh get her hair cut

checking out her new do in the mirror

finishing touches

She looks so much older!

Explaining to Adrienne that it doesn't hurt when you cut your hair.

All done!

The "after" picture

Alyssa didn't get her hair cut, she just wanted in on the pictures, lol

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  1. They look so great!!!! Aww, I'm so excited for them <3 And you are so sweet about my hair, thanks hunney