Sunday, August 14, 2011

Picture Day

    I had big plans to take pictures of the kids today after church. I had them all dressed in their matching outfits, and it was going to be amazing!!!! Well, by the time we got home they were so tired, there was just no way it was going to happen before a nap. Sophia, Alyssa, and Eli all took a long nap... Ansleigh hasn't really been sleeping much for naps lately... I'm thinking she may be outgrowing that stage. So I let her have some quiet time while the little ones were sleeping. We read some books and sang our ABCs and picked out different colors around the house. She's learning so fast, and I think she thought it was really special that she got to stay awake and have some one on one time with the grown ups. I even bribed her (with cake) to let me take a few pictures of her. I have gotten a lot of Alyssa, but not many of just Ansleigh since they've been here.
    When the little kids woke up we went out to the porch to snap a few pictures of all 4 of them together, I was hoping to get them in the yard, but it's been raining here and everything is wet. I told them all they could have a popsicle if they would cooperate and smile for the pictures (let's just say they were less than excited to have MORE pictures taken). So I got them all situated on the bench out front and had Derek shake a toy around behind me to get Eli's attention (which only distracted all the kids) and snapped away. I was telling them to smile, so Alyssa and Ansleigh said "cheese!" and then Sophia started yelling at them "No!! she said to smile! Not cheese!!!!" She is such a bossy little thing lately! Anyway, pictures didn't go as planned, which I have come to expect nothing to go "as planned" lately, so I was ok with it. They aren't the best photos, but I love them still. Can't wait to get one framed and up in the house! I can't decide on which one though, so everyone vote and help me pick :)

Silly Girl

Eating the cake I bribed her with :)

Can you see the excitement??

I think this is my favorite one

Sophia getting on to everyone

Haha!! Poor Eli...

I just love these girls!

And of course we did a silly face

Enjoying their Popsicles for a job well done :)


  1. Adorable pictures!! Love them all! I think your favorite would be the one to get framed, but I love the one of all the girls too! And all the pics of Ansleigh are precious...I really like the first and third ones of her.

  2. we will have to get some family pictures at the beach... that way you and derek can be in them. and i agree on your favorite pick. all the kids look happy in that one!

  3. Mandy, you are so talented and I couldn't be prouder of the way you have stepped up to take care of Ansleigh and Alyssa...

    I love all the pictures, but I want a copy of the one that is the 2nd one down from your favorite... I just love their little feet in the picture!

  4. your favorite is my favorite for a frame, however, I love the personality that comes through the others!