Monday, September 12, 2011

First day of Dance

    Today was FINALLY the first day of dance for Sophia and Ansleigh!! They were soooo excited to finally get to wear their new outfits and go to an actual dance class, and I was pretty excited for them. I remember taking dance when I was little and it was so much fun. I'm so thankful to my mom (Gram-Gram) for giving them the opportunity to participate in dance this year. Here are a few pictures I took of them before their very first dance class.

Had to do a "ballerina pose"

This is Ansleigh's ballerina pose 

With their dance bags

    When we got there, the moms got to go in the class  for a minute to meet the teacher (Miss Tot) and hear a few things about the class. I didn't want to be "that mom"  with my huge camera, so I discreetly snapped some pictures on my iPhone :)

Meeting Miss Tot

Checking attendance

Anxiously waiting to get started

    I was a little worried that ALyssa would throw a fit when she realized that she wouldn't be joining the "big girls" for class, but she waved and said "bye sissys" and was happy to come with me and Eli. When I picked them up I wanted to hear all about it, but they weren't in the mood to share details, just said that they had a lot of fun, and they "tap-tap-tapped." Here is a picture after class though:

Alyssa wanted in on the photo action

    We aren't allowed to be in the studio during class, but later on in the year they will have a parents visitation day and we will get to sit in on a class, so I will be able to get some pictures of them actually dancing.


  1. So glad you all had such a good and exciting day! The pictures of the girls are adorable! Hope dance will be a super, fun experience for Sophia and Ansleigh. It is really nice of your Mom to provide this for them. Looking forward to more pictures and videos!

  2. I am super glad that they get to do this! (Mom you are awesome!) The girls are smiling so big! I bet their cheeks will hurt tomorrow!

  3. I was in dance growing up and I loved it and I am positive they will too! :) So fun!

  4. They are just adorable!
    Mandy, you are the one doing all the work, so THANK YOU! You now realize how much time and effort goes into the little things like making time for dance classes, but the the rewards are much more than you'll imagine. I can still see you girls in my mind dancing at your recitals! Y'all were really good and it was so much fun!