Friday, September 16, 2011

Surprises From Chelle and Grandmom

    My sister Michelle sent a couple of boxes FULL of stuff for the girls yesterday. Inside were nightgowns, play cell phones, zhu-zhu pets (from her neighbor Irene), suckers and much more. They were so excited when they woke up from their naps to see that presents had arrived from Aunt Chelle. I took a video of them opening it so that Michelle could see the how excited they were.

    After they looked through everything they wanted to play with the Zhu-Zhu Pets and  have suckers for snack. I took some pictures of them playing with all of their new toys.

Showing off their new skirts

I'm pretty sure Sophia thinks Jinx
(her Zhu-Zhu Pet) is real

My favorite part about the Zhu-Zhu Pets
is that they drive Willie crazy :)

And Eli thinks they are hilarious!

suckers for snack

they all got their phones out and
pretended to call each other

    We also got a box from Grandmama (my grandmother) yesterday full of Barbies and Barbie clothes. The girls are really into Barbies right now, so they were super excited about that! Here's is a picture of them playing with their new Barbie stuff.

Thank you Grandmama!!!!!


  1. sooo cute!! the girls look very happy and i LOVE that picture of eli... oh my goodness, so cute! i miss them so much already. and aunt lori is working on a surprise package for the girls as well... those kids sure are loved!! :)

  2. I love all these pictures! Lori is right...those kids sure are loved by so many people! Thanks for keeping those of us who are away close by posting pictures, videos and blogs! Miss you all!!

  3. I love the video... keep them coming! It really does help when I need my grandbaby "fix"!
    As always, your photography is fantastic !
    I love you ~ <3 ~