Wednesday, July 20, 2011

April and Luke

     As most of you know, I have a small..... ok big, obsession with taking pictures. I love my camera, and I have recently gotten a new lens for it; well, not really recent, but when Eli  was born. I haven't had a chance to really get out and take a lot of pictures since moving here because Eli is so young, so I've mostly just taken a lot of the kids around the house. I'd  been dying to get out to the beach and try some stuff though. Finally last week I went out and took some pictures for a friend of mine. Her husband is deployed and she wanted to send some pictures of her and her son to him. I of course jumped at the chance to take them for her :) She is such a beautiful person, inside and out and her and Luke have the sweetest relationship. I hope that me and Eli can be as close as they are when he's a little older. Anyway, I had a great time doing pictures for them, and it was nice to get out and practice some more! I love my new lens, but I'm kind of feeling limited with my camera lately. It's a VERY basic DSLR, I'd LOVE to upgrade soon, but it's probably not likely unless I can make some cash working with the camera I've got, lol. Here are some of my favorite shots of them:


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  1. You are so sweet Mandy. :) We really are so blessed to have a great friend like you and very talented I might add. And the love you have for Eli, like the love I have for Luke, I'm sure yall will have a great relationship.