Sunday, July 10, 2011

Eli's 5 Month Update

Eli is 5 months!! I'm still trying to wrap by brain around the fact that he's almost half a year old. I mean it feels like just yesterday this was me:
I feel miserable just looking at this picture. It was taken just a few days before my c-section. (I was 39 weeks) 

    Eli is still growing like a weed. He's filled out a lot over the last month and at the doctor a couple of weeks ago he weighed in at 15lbs 11oz, and he's in the 90th percentile for his height! I'm learning now that he is very much a "schedule kid" especially when it comes to his bed time. He likes to be in his bed between 8 and 8:30 every night. If we happen to be out late he will very quickly let us know that he wants to be at home in bed.  It's nice when we are here and can put both kids to bed easily and enjoy some adult time before we go to sleep, but when we're out it can be really frustrating.  He's also decided that he likes to sleep on his stomach, which made me really nervous at first because the doctors tell you to only let them sleep on their backs until they are a year old (to lower the chances of SIDS) but after spending a lot of nights waking up to check on him every couple of hours, I've realized that he's not going to die just from sleeping on his stomach. He's big enough to pick his head up if he needs to, so I think he will be alright. He also stopped taking a pacifier and sucks his thumb now. It's funny because he only sucks the left thumb and Sophia is the same way. 

    I've been having him sit up more lately with the Boppy pillow around him, and he's getting a lot better at it. I think he will be sitting on his own pretty soon. He seems to be a lot stronger than Sophia was. He's so determined it's funny. He wants to grab everything within reach, and if it's not within reach he tries with all of his might to get to it. If we put him on his belly he already tries to scoot by tucking his feet up under him and pushing. As soon as he gets the arm strength he will be crawling.... and getting into EVERYTHING! Boys are so much different than girls. Sophia would be perfectly happy just sitting in your lap with a toy at this age; but Eli is constantly trying to stand up or squirm away and he grabs everything, including his sisters hair (which happens a lot, lol) 
              Sitting up supported by the Boppy pillow

    We have officially entered the teething stage... yay... I feel really bad for him because I know he's in pain. I wish the teeth would just come through already, but I don't even feel bumps yet, just a lot of chewing and drooling going on.
                 poor thing even has a real tear  :(

    He's also in the "put everything in your mouth" stage (which I guess goes along with the teething stage) His favorite thing to suck on, other than his thumb right now, are his toes. And I think it's adorable! 

     Things are going great though! We are finally getting back into the groove of things around here. Now, if he would just stop growing so fast everything would be perfect :)

                 My handsome boy: 5months, 1day old



  1. Such a great post :) I love that cutie pie! He could be a spokes kid for sure!I would buy whatever he was selling! "yes, Danny we need diapers! Did you see this kid on the front?!"

  2. Haha!! Thanks. I think he's pretty cute too :)

  3. what a cute boy!! i love that he sucks his thumb and toes like sophia!

  4. oh he makes me want a little baby boy! he is so cute and you seem to be such a good mama :)

  5. What a sweetie. <3 So glad everything is going well, aside from the teething. Enjoy the immobile stage while it lasts! Keith and I often say "remember when he couldn't go anywhere?"...yeah those were some good times. Boys. Our neighbors leave their doors open all the time and let the millions of kids run in and out...makes for a lot of catching and herding on our part.