Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Roller Skating

    A couple of weeks ago our church took a trip to the skating rink. Derek was sick, so he stayed home with Eli and me and Sophia had a girls night. This was her first time going skating so she was really excited. On the way there she says, "Mommy! I can't go skating in these shoes! They don't have wheels!" I laughed and told her it was ok, we can rent skates at the skating rink; and she said, "OK, I'm going to get pink ones!"
   Luckily the rink had the kind of skates for toddlers that go over your shoes, I was a little worried about her hurting herself in real skates because, well... we all know how clumsy this kid can be. So she put on her skates and skated walked around in her skates. Once I got mine on we headed out to the middle of the rink where the little kids skate. She quickly decided that she didn't need mommy to hold her hand, she was a big girl. So she held hands with some of her friends and they "skated" around in the middle.
 (Sorry the picture quality is low... we weren't allowed to take camera's out on the floor, and I even got the whistle blown at me for snapping this picture with my phone. lol)

    The rule for "Girls Night" is that you can eat whatever you want for dinner. Sophia wanted popcorn, and I had pizza :) 

    She had a lot of fun with her friends, and I had a blast watching her. I even skated around the rink a few times and managed not to fall... let's just say I'm not the skater I used to be, ha!

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  1. I love this's so neat to read about the little things Sophia says and does. Sounds like a great girls night and a special Mommy/Daughter time!!