Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swimming with the Johnsons

   Yesterday we went to Hampton to have a pool day with Sarah and Ben. Sophia was too excited when she found out Ben has a pool at his house! They played so well together (until lunch/nap time when they both got grumpy) and Eli slept in the pack and play the whole time. We  were practically the only ones there, so it was a very relaxing morning, just what I needed :) I didn't take my camera (I know, shocking!!) So I only got a couple of pictures on my phone:

All ready to swim!
Sophia as "Jesse" from  Toy Story
(she insisted on packing her lunch in her own lunch box)
They were so cute holding hands on the way back to the apartment
    Today we were in the car and Sophia says, "I wish we had a pool like Benjamin" I told her that pools cost lots and lots of money, and we couldn't get one; so she tells me, "Oh, well I have money in my piggy bank! We can use that to buy a pool!"  :) I just love how simple her mind is, makes me miss being  a kid.

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